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Astrology and Tarot Consultations

Astrology and Tarot are both divinatory tools; meaning, they operate under the assumption that there are greater forces at work in our lives, other than merely our own. Divination, as such, does not equate to fortune-telling, prophecy, prediction, or spirit communication. I am not a fortune-teller. I have no crystal ball. I cannot tell you your future.

Here's what I
can do:

Through the ancient system of ASTROLOGY, I can bring you to a new awareness of the predominant tendencies, patterns, pitfalls, and sundry other modi operandi that so often illude you. I can also help you to clearly identify specific periods of transition in your life and provide specific useful insights about their likely duration and intensity, as well as how best to work through and with them. Working consciously with the more hidden paths of least resistance in your life enables you to level-up in transformative ways. Such transformations as deep heart-healing, acceptance, confidence, clarity, hope, patience, forgiveness, closure, and so many other profound growth processes in your personal development journey can open to you through working with your unique astrology.

The TAROT is a more immediate source of insight, best applied to a specific question, concern, dilemma, or situation. Your spread of tarot cards, laid out in a particular pattern, harness the energy of that current moment, revealing something about the nature and context of the issue at hand, as well as a suggested best course of action about it. Tarot sessions can reveal to us the wisdom of that still small voice that knows the answer. It is the depth of our inner-knowing that we often cannot hear on our own.

All consultations are currently being held online via Zoom video session.

Service fees below are listed in USD

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