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Hello, my name is Moon in Cancer

Providing Individualized Emotional Support For Healthy Development in Children of All Ages Our Moon sign tells us so much about our essential nature; the way we react or behave when emotionally activated; our habits that develop sub-consciously and get carried with us throughout our lives, for better or worse. There is much to learn from our natal Moon placement within the complex configuration of its sect, sign, house, aspects, and condition. I remember when I began to fall deeper into the astrological worm-hole, and learning about the nuances and intricacies of my Moon sign. I remember thinking; "Holy shit. If only my mother knew my Moon sign and parented me according to what it suggested about me, it could have spared me years of pain, therapy bills, drug addiction, and a relationship with my mother that has always felt fraught with neglect, alienation, and depression."

The more I studied astrology the more I regularly I wondered, what if everyone knew their child's Moon sign and parented them in support of that? Of course there is much more to an individual's make-up than Luna's planetary placement and condition in their birthchart. But for those first five, six, seven years of a child's life, if a child can be made to feel supported, seen, heard, understood, totally safe and cared for... it is my hypothesis that that child is far more likely to grow into a healthy adult. Full disclosure: I am not in any way, shape, or form a mental health professional (despite having gone to therapy for more years than many licensed therapists practicing today). I am simply an avid mental health advocate with the added perspective of being a psychologically-leaning professional astrologer. If there is a single person in this world with an eighth House Cancer Moon who, whilst growing up, felt totally nurtured and emotionally cared for as a child by a mother with a natal Moon in Aquarius in the third House... I would ask them to give me a hug. It is because of my personal experience that I offer special consultations for parents and care-takers specifically on the Moon sign of their child. And by all means, please expand the category of child to person. Whether the physical age of five or fifty-five, we all carry within us an orphanage full of inner-children. The Astrological Moon Consultation is equally effective for people of all ages - potent insight is also gained regarding the care of the elderly, whether or not they require being cared for as a child. What if we all wore name tags that introduced ourselves by our Moon signs, and interacted with those around us with consideration of theirs? Teachers, business owners, C-suites, managers, group leaders, politicians, clergy, etc. Can you imagine the scale of change this could create in the way we relate to one another? Let's start with the children. And let's hope they find astrology, too.

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