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Further Analysis of the Natal Chart of Lady Gaga


Traditional astrological acknowledges the potency of planetary aspects as activated exponentially relative to those planet’s proximity to each other by degree. The closer they are in exactness thereby denotes a point of maximum resonance of a particular harmonic frequency. In other words, the smaller the orb of the aspect, the louder and clearer the conversation between those planets – including, to a lesser extent, the monologue of a planet to a mathematical point on the birthchart. While I have found this notion to be generally evidential in my personal findings from client consultations, a compelling argument can be made for evidence beyond the reaches of the aspectual 3o orb, as I will attempt to employ here in the birthchart of Lady Gaga. Lady Gaga’s horoscope does have a number of close aspects – in the orb-range of 0º-3º. However, her birthchart also contains quite a number of aspects in the 5º-7º range that can be noted as similarly potent planetary relationships.


Let’s begin with a focus on the native’s Mars placement, residing in exaltation at 0º Capricorn. All key signatures of the native’s birthchart collude in sundry ways with Mars. The rubber is firmly meeting the road for this earth-bound War-God who is in a 7º orb of a Square with his compadre the Sun, which it rules. In this case, the friction of the Square aspect is igniting a blast of ignition that thrusts the native, as if out of a canon, into the throngs of her adoring public (11th House) who the native in turn

adores right back, as observed via Venus co-resident in the same House. Venus’s tightly- orbed Sesqui-square to Saturn – who graciously hosts Mars – creates a similar sense of gnawing that pushes the native toward inter-action (7th House), giving her a platform (Saturn) for the authentic, passionate (Sagittarius), and singularly eccentric (Uranus) relationship (Venus) that she has with her fans (11th House). The Sun is further spotlighted by its 1º applying Sextile to a jovial 10th House Jupiter in his domicile. This near perfect supporting aspect alongside Jupiter’s (although separating) 5º conjunction to the Midheaven, offers limitless career opportunities that are there for the native’s taking. And take them, she continues to do. Jupiter is one of the chattiest chaps at the horoscopic cast-party, having easy, flowing conversations with many of his fellow players through Trines and Sextiles; most notably an elemental cohort ruled by a Fixed- Water Mars. Jupiter nurtures the fallen Moon in the lullaby of a separating Trine (3º orb), while also striding away from a retrograde Pluto in his Scorpionic House of affinity. None of these characters are hindering Gaga’s ability to handle her copious issues regarding career (10th House), health and daily trudge (6th House), which is most fortunate given her chronic struggles in these areas of her life, which she has continuously met head-on. The native’s fierce confrontation of her issues with her health – both physical and mental – are indicated by a retrograde Saturn in Sagittarius who is separating from a Semi-sextile with the Moon, but applying to that Semi-sextile a retrograde Pluto as well as the South Node. The directional mix-up within this group of planets creates a dizzying effect for the native, akin to the her being blind-folded, spun around in circles, and then released with instructions to “pin the Tail on the Dragon” (South Node). The native’s disseminating Moon, though, forms a Sesqui-square to the ASC which in turn opposes Mars. This inter-play creates the very tension that provokes the native to take the necessary action in her life which opens the dams of the flowing Trines and Sextiles in her birthchart. This is but a brief selection of some aspect interaction that is at work in Lady Gaga’s birthchart. My assessment is that the Major aspects are indeed talking loud and clear, and furthermore, are doing so within an orb of up to 7º. Though the Minor aspects whisper a subtler coaxing, they are nevertheless persuasive, duly contributing to the planetary conversation from the 8th & 12th Harmonics.


Originally submitted for Kepler College Professional Certification in Natal Astrology © Melissa Greener & Waxing AstroLogic; October 5, 2020

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