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Fortune & Spirit in Lady Gaga's Nativity

Lot of Fortune – 0º 56’ Aquarius, 9th House Lady Gaga has an incredibly dynamic natal chart and her Part of Fortune in the 9th Whole Sign House of Saturn-ruled Aquarius very much highlights the conditions of, and qualities with which she does indeed acquire that fortune. Some of those conditions and qualities include her discipline and work ethic, her tenacity, her very outward advocacy (women’s issues, LGBTQ+ young people, mental health, etc..), her larger-than- life eccentricities, as well as her fierce dedication to Truth-seeking on the global stage as well as internally, indicated by a retrograde Saturn ruling Fortune’s sign placement, which resides in her 7th House of Sagittarius (among sundry indications in her chart). Her Part of Fortune is the pivot-point in a bi-lateral square (near exact – not to mention Mars and Lilith close in degree) to each of her Lunar Nodes, underscoring the karmic implications of her Part of Fortune directly correlated to her soul-work in this lifetime. Furthermore, Venus, although in detriment in Mars’ sign, is applying to conjunct (by degree) her North Node (in a Venus-ruled sign), pointing directly at her outrageous fashions, “glam” speech affectation, her being respected by a diverse range of groups, and her extremely devoted fans. This feminine-power planet-pairing is opposing the punitive, eruptive urges of her Moon/Pluto/South Node conjunction in smoldering Scorpio. This signature is another representation of the passion and force through which Fortuna is found. But it is here that Gaga’s Diamon resides – her Lot of Spirit. Lot of Spirit – 23º 16’ Scorpio Lady Gaga’s Lot of Spirit in her Scorpio, 6th Whole Sign House – the place of health and illness as well as of the occupational daily “slog” – carries additional baggage to an already profoundly chasmic spelunking expedition. As if the Moon / Pluto / South Node conjunction in the same Mars (/Pluto) -ruled sign wasn’t overwhelming enough! The presence of the Part of Spirit here throws a few layers of wet- blanket over the situation, adding complexity and depth. It could indicate a forced surrender to her day- to-day struggles with Fibromyalgia and mental health issues interfering with her ability to carry on in the daily work-of-her-work. Spirit here suggests Gaga’s daft attunement to the conditioned internal pressures and unconscious expectations that she has adapted in order to securely out-put her efforts and daily interactions with others and the world. There is little doubt as to why and how she has been known for her sharp retort when pressured or offended. Saturn’s applying opposition to Chiron in the 12th House, Mars’ applying conjunction to Neptune in the 8th House, and the exact Ascendant-opposition / Descendant-conjunction to the degree of the Galactic Center are other indications that support this delineation. © Melissa Greener & Waxing AstroLogic; October 5, 2020 Originally submitted for Kepler College Professional Certification in Natal Astrology

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