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All Nodes Lead to Rome - Delineating the Lunar Nodes in Lady Gaga's Nativity

Lady Gaga’s South Node in interpretation: The South Node stationary in Gaga’s 6th House is evidenced in her innate work ethic as well as in her chronic difficulties with her overall health, indicating a cadence (6th House wink) throughout her lifetime of struggling against tendencies and habits. This is emphasized by the Scorpio co-residence of the Moon, compelling her to work through her own physical/mental hardships as well as speak out for similar hardships of others – the very purpose of which her soul may have incarnated to heal and to evolve beyond. At the front lines of that evolution, retrograde Pluto is applying to the motionless Dragon’s Tail. The South Node resides frozen-stuck in the Scorpionic tundra with Pluto’s foreboding rumble heading toward it. According to my ephemeris, Gaga’s natal Pluto is almost exactly in the middle of its retrograde motion, so it has regained some momentum in its backward trajectory, looming toward that Dragon’s Tail. This might signify the irrefutable force to release the life-times-old modes of embodiment that Gaga is being pressed to spotlight in her life. Her Mars-ruled South Node are in a partile sextile to the ruler himself in his second favorite sign. With the God of War in his full cardinal glory charging toward the God of the Sea who has washed up onto the shore of Capricorn, we can see a mighty fighting spirit at play. Nary a Neptunian spell from its sand- swathed abyss could subdue the Martian muscling-in to the Nodal axis. Lady Gaga’s North Node in interpretation: Mars’s sextile to the South Node therefore portends his trine to the North Node in the 12th House of fixed earth. There is much public evidence that Gaga does indeed embody her North Node/12th House placement. Rudhyar speaks of the 12th House as the threshold where one faces their life’s ““consolidated success [or failure] into the seed of a new cycle of growth.” It is in her 12 House where, according to Rudhyar, Universal flashes “shine with an all-inclusive vision of life” in Gaga’s “collective-destiny to enact her fate.” (p134) This soul-urge toward an all-inclusive, total integration with society is clearly underway in Gaga’s life. To the abundance of Mars-energy, The North Node’s Venus rulership perhaps yields a steadiness and persistence in Gaga’s soul-path work, as encapsulated above. It could also lend to softening the edges of the harsh Martian Moon-Pluto opposition. In her House of societal groups resides Venus, the North Node ruler, in an amiable conversation with Mars to whom she ultimately answers. Following the disposited trail of star-dust to its completion, every planet in her horoscope, in addition to her Nodes, land in the 10th House of Pisces. It is here that domicile Jupiter brings good tidings and great fortune to Gaga’s realm of career. Though all Nodes lead to Rome, it is ultimately a balancing between the energetic polar-pull of the North and South Nodes that is the quest of the incarnated soul of Lady Gaga, as it is for all embodied beings.



1 Rudhyar, Dane; The Astrological Houses, The Spectrum of Individual Experience (1972), from Chapter Twelve, pp132-134 All Rudhyar references; Ibid © Melissa Greener & Waxing AstroLogic; October 5, 2020 Originally submitted for Kepler College Professional Certification in Natal Astrology

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