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Complimentary Mini Consult

Thank you for your interest in booking my services! 

I am a certified professional astrologer, tarotist, and developing medium.  It will be my pleasure to work with you in which ever of those modalities you are called to.  *For astrology consultations, your precise time of birth, date of birth, and location of birth are all required.

Upon submission of this form you will be directed to the donation page. Your donation in support of my development, education, and practice of this work is very much appreciated. Thank you!

All information submitted will remain completely confidential.  

Booking Form


Please understand that your consultation is for informational purposes only; does not constitute and is not a substitute for professional advice; neither medical, psychological, financial, personal, or in any other way. Always seek the advice of a licensed professional provider with any questions you may have regarding such issues of concern. By checking this box, you agree to take full responsibility for any and all decisions and outcomes that may derive from interpretations shared in this session.
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