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*Precise time of birth for both parties is required.


Birth Chart Consultations:
Know thyself more deeply to act and respond more consciously in every area of your life.


Monthly Astro Forecasting:
Personalized astro-weather mapping for your month ahead. Plan around the most creative, active, loving, or ambitious astro-energy activated in your chart throughout the month.

Electional Forecasting:

'Electing' a most auspicious day/time to take a certain action; launch a business, get married, schedule a medical procedure, send an important email, etc.

Relationship Analysis: 

'Synastry' is the astrology of overlaying two birth charts with the aim of understanding how, where, and why the two individual's charts relate (or struggle to relate) to each other. *Precise time of birth for both parties is required.

Locational Astrology:
Discover where and why you resonate with a certain geographical area. Plan your holiday or even a move based on your personal planetary energy at specific locations on Earth.

Birth Chart Rectification:
When your time of birth is unknown a detailed process of delineation can determine a birth chart that is most likely to be accurate.

Your natal horoscope,
aka, your birth chart, 
is a cosmic snowflake,
as unique to the world
as your fingerprint.

All of the planets in your natal chart – their positions, conditions, and relationships to each other – collectively make up the map of your path through life.



Is Life Happening To You or For You?

Your individual astrology chart indicates your path of least resistance in every facet of your life.  Unaware of your own innate inclinations and reactions to the world around you, life can feel like it is happening to you.  Your natal chart explicitly reveals these unconscious tendencies.  Your version of "normal" is your own unique default wiring.  Everyone else has theirs, too.  Armed with this new consciousness, you can respond pro-actively to life and make it happen for you!

Fate or Free Will?

The concept of fate describes the aforementioned pre-conditioning that your birth chart illustrates.  As you gain clear awareness of your default nature you can employ free will to create a new reality for yourself, make more informed decisions, and choose how you want to respond to life's many dilemmas, disturbances, and detours.

When you experience a period of shift, upheaval, transition, decision,
loss, or feeling lost in your life,
come see the astrologer!

It's Ancient History

Astrology is a 5,000+ year old system of working with planetary positions, cycles, and archetypal energy.  The earliest astrological evidence dates back to the 2nd century BC in Mesopotamia. 

When ancient peoples needed a doctor, they went to the astrologer.  When nomadic tribes needed direction (literally), they consulted the astrologer.  Farmers planning their crops (pre-almanac), emperors strategizing warfare, mothers timing fertility, parents arranging their children's marriages, law-makers structuring society... they went to the astrologer.

Before mathematics, before astronomy, before physics, before medicine, before religion; it all began as a single practice thousands of years ago:  Astrology.  The astrologer's knowledge provided evidential, proven, foundational wisdom upon which civilization as we know it was built.

Obviously, we've advanced and transformed human life in unbelievable ways over these 5,000 years.  And yet astrology continues to offer this profound wisdom using the same  principals throughout the millennia:  1. Calculation  2. Translation  and  3. Magic.  

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Your Time of Birth:

Your exact time of birth is required for all astrological consultations. Even a 5 minute discrepancy in time of birth may potentially alter the entire interpretation of your birth chart. For an accurate, effective, and meaningful reading, please re-check and confirm your birth time with your birth certificate or with a parent/family member, birth hospital, or county office.

Don't Know Your Birth Time?

If you can confidently narrow your birth time to a two-hour window of accuracy, we can work together with your birth chart to find an accurate-enough time of birth for a proper interpretation.  Unfortunately if it's a wild guess situation, a "rectification" session can be  conducted (read on).

How to Find Out Your Time of Birth:

In the event of adoption, orphanage, immigration, refugee, or other cases lacking a known birth time, a lengthy process of astrological rectification is possible. See the list of services above.

Astrological Consultations:

* Exact time of birth is required for all astrological consultations.

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© WaxingAstroLogic 2023
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