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About me

When I was born, they called me Melissa.  Throughout my childhood one of the strangest questions I was asked with surprising regularity is, "what are you?"  As a kid I didn't have the context to translate the question into what it really meant to ask: "Where are you from?  What is your nationality?  What is your ethnicity?  Why do you look like that?" 

Perhaps this quandary of identity helped to lay the foundation for what has become a life-long seeking quest. Of course, no one person is ever any one thing (as symbolized in our individual astrological charts). But the truth is, at least for me, the fun is in the seeking.

I am a certified professional astrologer trained in ancient Hellenistic methods, but with a Jungian archetypal flare. I'm a contemplative in the traditional sense, with an artist's eye, ear, heart, soul. I'm inclined to relate deeply to everything and everyone in every sphere of my experience.

I'm an advocate for mental health support and addiction recovery through self-knowledge, service, and mindfulness practices.

I am a first generation American (from my paternal refugee side) having all the privilege of white-ness with none of the "glory." I am always forward, never straight, but rarely askew. I am 50% alien, 80% chameleon, and 100% supra-terranean. I am earnestly sincere and fiercely irreverent. I'm an easy and shameless crier. But don't mess with me – I'm tough as nails.

I am a wanderer: I have sailed seas, trekked mountain ranges, and pedaled a bicycle solo across Canada.  I've lived as the only westerner in a small village in rural China, yet I felt more a foreigner living in Lower Manhattan. Crete, Greece is one of my places of personal magic.

I write lyric poems and prose, as well as astrological commentary. I create photographic art prints. I have a Bachelors of Fine Arts in ceramics and art history, and I worked as a studio potter for several years. 

I'm prone to diving head-first into unusual and uncomfortable territory. My drugs of choice are; more, farther, deeper.  I am a tinker'er, creator, maker, and manifestor. I delight in taking things apart to build them anew. That includes matters of matter, spirit, sense, and thought.

In a former life as a singer songwriter, I toured internationally performing my music around the world. That chapter came to an abrupt end when a Neptunian under-toe dragged me down into its murky waters and eventually spat me out onto a rocky shore. It takes a dark night to see the stars. And so it was by tracking my planetary map, connecting those twinkling dots in the heavenly spheres, that I navigated my way to the here and now. And now to you. 

Perhaps a similar story brought you here today.  Welcome.

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